Crime Watch Daily recently did a story on the unsolved murder of Stacey Brooke Holsonback. Holsonback was a freshman at Clemson University and majoring in biochemistry. One night in February of 1997, two male students invited her to go four wheeling with them. During the outing, their vehicle got stuck and the guys preceded to argue and fight about it. During this exchange, Brooke left them and that was the last time they saw her. Her body was found the next day floating face down in a small cove of Lake Hartwell; she had been strangled to death. Investigators are confident they know who is responsible but they lack the evidence to prove it.

Crime Watch Daily

Around 9:30 one night, Brooke visits the dorm room of classmate Bryant Gallup, where he was hanging out with another student named Jeff Dubnansky.

"The guys wanted to go mud-bogging and both had been drinking a bit, so she was going to drive for them," said Capt. Reed. "They ended up at the mud bog and they got stuck."

Then Gallup and Dubnansky reportedly begin arguing and tussling. They said Brooke was nowhere in sight.

"According to them, she had just walked off," said Reed.
Captain Reed says he doesn't believe she would just walk away into the night in a dark, isolated area.

"Think about it: Why would you walk away, knowing that you have a long walk? Why would you walk away from the only security you thought you had? You wouldn't. You wouldn't do it. No young lady would do it," said Reed.
But there was no evidence to connect Dubnansky and Gallup to Brooke's murder. Her body being dumped in the lake had washed off any DNA evidence, and nothing could be found at the field where Dubnansky and Gallup said they and Brooke had gone 4-wheeling.

Gallup and Dubnansky were never named as suspects, nor were they ever charged with anything in connection to the crime. They hired attorneys and refused to answer any more questions, leaving investigators with only their own theories about Brooke's murder.

Almost 20 years later, search continues for Clemson student's killer