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    Canada - Police powerless to arrest 10-year-old boy involved in several serious crime

    'This is something that should scare the hell out of society'
    He stands four-foot-nine, weighs just 60 pounds and recently celebrated his 10th birthday. But donít be fooled by his small frame or tender age -- this Winnipeg boy has proven to be untouchable, and perhaps unstoppable, to law enforcement, the justice system and the child welfare system.

    Arson. Car theft. Drug possession. Robberies. Thefts. Break-and-enters. Assaults. Weapon possession. Uttering death threats. And a near-fatal stabbing. He has done them all, yet suffered absolutely no consequences because heís too young to be arrested and face charges.

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    Too young to be arrested? That's insanity.

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    This boy is once again "missing".

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    (I have a student who, when he was 9, a policeman came to his door to tell his mother about an incident in which he was violent towards another student at school. The police officer told the boy that since he is 9 years old now, he can not go to juvenile. But when he turns 10, he can be held accountable. This is why he was so upset on his 10th birthday, according to a family member, when I asked the child why he was not happy about his birthday.)
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    Our criminal justice system is way too soft. Young does not necessarily mean innocent.

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    If society wants to consider a 10-year-old too young to be arrested that's one thing. One wonders why in the world we aren't getting this boy psychological help. Like in patient, intense, psychological help.

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