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    Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home for rent during the RNC

    Visitors looking for a place to stay during the Republican National Convention have a notorious site among their choices: Jeffrey Dahmerís childhood home.


    The company isnít trying to pull any fast ones on prospective renters. The homeís infamous history is noted right in the ad.

    The three-bedroom house on West Bath Road is offered for $8,000 for the week of the convention, to be held July 18 to 21 in downtown Cleveland.

    The house was where Dahmer killed and dismembered Steven M. Hicks of Coventry Township in 1978 and then scattered Hicksí remains on the property.

    Dahmer moved to Wisconsin in 1982 and murdered 16 more victims. He was killed in prison in 1994.


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    It was nice when they tore the apartment building down here in Milwaukee where he had lived and killed so many. It was definitely a place where people would slow down and gawk. I'm okay with staying/living in a place where someone died but not in one where someone was murdered. Just too creepy for me.

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