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    OH - Victoria Hincher, Nancy Theobald, Tammy King, Cincinnati, 1976-1982


    I have an interest in two very cold Ohio cases, Ruth Baumgardner and Lola Celli. They both have threads here.

    And of course, there's the case of the Cleveland "Torso Killer" - some think they know the killer, other disagree.

    The three Cincinnati cases do sound similar: Hincher was strangled and sexually assaulted; Theobald was strangled (but was she sexually assaulted - I'll check that out); and King was strangled and sexually assaulted.

    The article says that investigators think Hincher and Theobald were victims of "separate serial killers." I'd be very interested to know why they think that. The article also states that investigators have identified suspects in all of the cold cases mentioned in the article. I take that to mean they know the identity of the "separate serial killers." If so, it would be nice to know that information.

    I'll search some databases and see if I can find out anything.
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    Other article about the three possibly connected cases:



    I found it interesting that "sheriff's detectives attempted to question an imprisoned serial killer in connection with Ms. Hincher's death.
    The prisoner, however, refused to talk about the case with detectives."

    I wonder why question him on Hincher's death only? Maybe he was already in jail or otherwise accounted for after Victoria Hincher's murder??
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    Larry Ralston

    Could this be the serial killer referred to by LE?



    Ralston strangled young women and formerly lived in Norwood, OH. LE references wanting to interview a serial killer who once lived in Norwood.

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