A disabled man in a wheelchair, arrested for allegedly trying to steal a power saw at Home Depot, managed to slip out of his handcuffs and steal the squad car he was placed in.

Phillip Anthony Moreno, 44, a parolee with a previous $200,000 warrant for his arrest, has eluded capture.

Moreno and girlfriend Denise Marie Vasquez, 35, were taken into custody about 3 p.m. Tuesday by Home Depot security officers after they allegedly tried to steal a hand-held electric saw, Sgt. Randy DeAnda said." He had been sitting on it.

It was under him on the chair," the sergeant said.When police officers arrived, they arrested Moreno and Vasquez and placed them in separate patrol cars.

Moreno's wheelchair was put the squad car's trunk and the arresting officers stepped away to search the couple's car.DeAnda said Moreno got out of the handcuffs, crawled through the security barrier window opening separating the front and back seat and got behind the wheel of the squad car.

Moreno drove away, the sergeant said, noting he has a bad leg.