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    UT, 9 year old gang raped by 4 men on Easter as mom smoked meth in garage with friend

    Sick, sick, sick. I pray this little girl is given as many social service resources as possible to help her heal and recover. Mom of the year needs to be charged for at least neglect I would think?


    The alleged incident occurred while the girl’s mother was hanging out with a friend she met while incarcerated. At one point the two went to a garage, allegedly to smoke methamphetamine, while the girl slept on a couch. It was at that point the four men allegedly brought the girl to a bedroom in the house and took turns raping and sodomizing her.

    While one of the men was raping her, the girl later told police, he told her he would kill her if she reported the incident...

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    This poor child.

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    Why wasn't the mother arrested? Child neglect, smoking Meth, whatever else they can charge her with.

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    I almost can't read these threads anymore. I hope she gets what she needs---- counseling and a responsive,loving family.

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    I know I can't follow, but I just wanted to add that this little girl is in my prayers. I pray she is placed in a safe and happy home with lots of love. Her maternal unit should be arrested and the 4 monsters should be locked away forever!

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    Grandmother of 9-year-old Utah girl allegedly raped by four men: ‘I want justice’ | fox13now.com
    “My granddaughter doesn’t deserve to go through this," (her grandmother) said. "I’m very, very disgusted with people like that."

    Corporal Brian Fletcher, Uintah County Sheriff's Office, said the young girl has been taken into state custody for the time being.

    “Very heinous alleged crime that took place," he said. "Our investigators have worked very hard in order to make sure that the victim is taken care of.”

    Fletcher said the age of the victim makes the alleged crimes all the more troubling.

    “The victim's rights are paramount here, especially when we're dealing with children," he said. "It affects all of us when these crimes occur."

    Embedded video & More@Link


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    How in the WORLD can there be FOUR grown men in the same place at the same time willing to violate a little girl like this?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTF14 View Post
    How in the WORLD can there be FOUR grown men in the same place at the same time willing to violate a little girl like this?????
    I think they must be of a mind that they can do anything they want. I wonder if this has happened to other women who appeared at this house to do meth as part of the "cost" for smoking there. Predatory behavior encourages others in the same sphere to be predatory. Also, predators find/seek other predators as it allows easy access to victims. Drug addicts are often preyed upon because they want/need their drugs at any cost.

    This poor child experienced horrific things because she had a mother who put her in this house. IMO, these guys thought they could do what they wanted b/c this mother would not want to give up her meth smoking venue more than she would protect her child.

    Is it true that there are not charges against this mother? If so, can someone help me understand why.

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