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    CA - Karen Fisher, 21, Trinidad, 14 Jan 1976

    Karen Frances Fisher, 21 was last seen at Clam Beach on January 14, 1976 where she was trying to hitch a ride on Highway 101 to nearbyTrinidad, CA. Karen was wearing a green ski sweater, hiking boots, and may have been carrying a red vinyl raincoat & plastic purse. This case has received little attention; however a few articles exist.

    times standard article about Karen Frances Fisher.pdf

    This is one of three women who were killed during a two year span 1975-1976 in that part of northern California. Some have speculated they could be related to the Santa Rosa Highway Murders. Worth taking another look with a fresh set of eyes. Did Zodiac perhaps move north? What about the other women who disappeared around Eureka, CA such as Claire Louise Christie, could some or all of these all be tied together?? Claire Christie has a thread on websleuths. It is time for these other women to be featured with threads of their own.

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    Hey there Mountain Mama. Found the thread you started and mentioned in the Claire Christie thread. I have more clippings for you regarding Karen and the other three women.



    https://www.newspapers.com/clip/2181..._leads_jan_22/ Pg 1
    https://www.newspapers.com/clip/2181..._leads_jan_22/ Pg 2


    If you have trouble viewing them let me know. Also if you want the ones about the other girls I have clipped let me know.

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    These are great! The second link you shared regarding KF's murder mentioned the 20 rape-murders of hitchhikers on 101 between Sonoma & Mendocino Counties. I guess hitchhikers were disappearing around the country due to being easy to abduct, but clearly there was someone(s) trolling 101 in those days. I am really interested in the information in the second link about the pickup truck that was seen driving on Trinidad head on the morning of KF's murder. "Possibly 4 wheel drive with a metal ladder protruding from the bed, and racks over the cab to carry lumber.. it had something written on the side." According to police "four persons, including a woman, were in the vehicle". What that tells me is that several people know something. If that report is true.
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    Nevermind about the pickup truck with the writing on the side, they were eliminated as a suspect. I feel strongly that it is a local to the area. That is if the person who took these women was the same as the person at the Garberville Fireman's Dance. Four women in nine months.. The Trinidad, Eureka and Blue Lake killings are all in close proximity, but Garberville is not. Smacks of a local, in my opinion.
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