Robert Domingos & Linda Edwards murdered on a beach in Santa Barbara County June 4,1963. They may or may not be early Victims of the Zodiac Killer(due to extremely similar M.O. of a Zodiac attack in 1969)
The young College senior Sweethearts were at an isolated beach for Senior ditch day.Their attacker forced Linda to tie up Robert up using pre-cut lengths of rope, at some point there was a struggle, and the pair was shot. Their bodies were taken to a nearby structure on the beach and the perp tried to light it on fire. In the weeks before, there were sniper incidents on the surrounding beaches. Additionally, an area man was murdered in the days before.
This case needs fresh eyes! I hope we can brainstorm about it. There is an excellent documentary about their case made by high school friend of the pair,John Averitt. It's worth watching!

The documentary-

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