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    AR - Little Rock, BlkFem Skeletal UP2865, 18-40, behind vacant house, Aug'02


    The skeleton of a black woman between eighteen and forty years of age was discovered in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas on August 18, 2002. She had been shot in the head and was hidden underneath a pile of insulation. She wore several articles of clothing, some which were designed for men. Several pennies and a dollar bill were found in the pockets of her shirt and windbreaker pants. Her nose had been broken and her septum was reportedly slanted to the left side. Multiple ribs had previously healed from fractures.

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    Taking a look here. There are 10 black females from Arkansas within or near that age group missing from before that date:


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    I was browsing in the Lost and Found thing for Namus and came across this case again. Minnie Taylor, from El Dorado, AR, fits the description well. Height is basically right on. Just over a month and a half from disappearance to discover, and she's not in the rule-outs.


    DNA appears to be available for both.

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