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    FL - Woman arrested during court for Facebook photos

    During court Wednesday, prosecutors dropped a bombshell. Facebook photos shown to a judge, prosecutors say, show Juarez drinking and partying at bars after being placed on probation.


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    Juarez was DUI when she wrecked and a passenger was killed back in January, 2015.


    From another article: A 23-year-old woman faces a DUI manslaughter charge in a single-vehicle crash that killed one of her passengers Jan. 2 on Interstate 275 in Tampa, troopers said.

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    What a dumb azz 😏

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    Isn't that kind of what happened with the affluenza dude?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfieTX View Post
    Isn't that kind of what happened with the affluenza dude?
    Yes, seems very similar to me.

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