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    Tennessee FedEx worker falls asleep on the job & wakes up in Texas

    A FedEx ground crew member fell asleep inside of a plane after loading the aircraft at a Memphis airport reports he woke up during the flight and notified the flight crew he was on board.


    The employee reportedly woke up when the flight was almost to Lubbock, knocked on the closed cockpit door and spoke with the flight crew. He was told to sit in the jump seat and secure for landing, according to Campbell


    The employee was not arrested and is not considered a "stowaway."

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    So what kind of job was he doing in the plane that allowed him to sleep?

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    I need a great night of sleep like this guy. "I slept so well, a plane I was riding in could have taken off, and I would have never known it!"
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    People who make a habit of sleeping on the job will do so anywhere! I once worked night shifts with a co-worker who was going into the ladies room for hours at a time. When I'd go to check on her I could see her feet on the floor under the stall, so I am assuming she was in there sitting upright on the toilet asleep.

    I always woke her up by banging on the stall door and loudly asking "Are you all right in there?"

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    I think this FedEx ground crew employee would have had a lot of explaining to do when he arrived back in Memphis.

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