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    MN - Riley Spragg, 7, Cortez White 8, Beltrami County, 16 April 2016


    "BELTRAMI COUNTY, Minn. (Valley News Live): A search is underway in rural Beltrami County for two missing boys.

    Beltrami County Sheriff Deputies are looking for 7-year-old Riley and 8-year-old Cortez near Puposky, Minnesota, about 15 miles north of Bemidji.

    Tiffany Smith, the mother of Cortez, says her son and his cousin, Riley, were driving around the yard on their four-wheeler. She was talking with some people, looked up and the boys were gone. Smith says since they live in a forested area, surrounded by trails that lead to other family membersí homes, she figured thatís where the boys went. However, she says the boys never showed up at the grandparents and itís an area heavily wooded, with many lakes and swamps. Smith says they searched for about an hour and a half before putting calls out on social media and notifying the police."

    More at link

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    My boys did this when they were a bit older. I was a nervous wreck imagining the worse. Of course, they showed up right after the police were notified. I hope Riley and Cortez show up soon like my guys did.
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    How scary. At least there are two of them, but they have spent the night out in the woods alone and likely cold (per statement of no coats).

    The article has been update with a call for searchers today. Hope the community shows up and can locate these two quickly.

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    The article was just updated - they've been found!

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    Just read the update....very resourceful 7 & 8 year olds. So glad they are safe!
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