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    NC - Remains of 2 babies found under Smithfield house, 17 April 2016

    Man running cable finds child’s remains in bags under house

    A man working under a North Carolina home told police he made a gruesome discovery – multiple bags containing what appeared to be the remains of a human child.Investigators spoke to Pamela McBride, the woman who leases the house at 102 Hartley Drive in Smithfield, who confirmed she had also lived there with her son and his fiancée.
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    I just came to post this. Thank you los!
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    According to the warrant, McBride told investigators she has a daughter, Bridgette Morgan Smith, who has battled drug addiction and has lived with her at different times throughout her life...

    McBride told authorities that several times in the past Smith was "obviously pregnant" but would deny it, wearing oversized hoodies even in the summer to conceal the pregnancies.

    McBride said Smith would often leave for several weeks once she began to look pregnant and return after she "obviously had delivered the baby," but would make no mention of where the baby was. McBride estimated that Smith has been pregnant about "10 times" that she knows of, but only has the three children whose whereabouts are known, according to warrants.

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    10 times?!? Oh my this sounds like a train wreck. ...

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    Wow. So your obviously pregnant daughter stays in the bathroom for hours, leaving a blood trail to her room, and you never inquire. The problems in this family didn't begin with this daughter. Yikes.
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    was the baby dismembered? how sad and sick.

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    Soooooooo.....miscarriages or...

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