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    Canada - Ljubica Topic, 6, Windsor, Ont, 14 May 1971


    Police say that between 8:30 and 9 p.m. a man approached Ljubica and her eight-year-old brother.

    Const. Scott Chapman says, "He offered Ljubica an amount of cash to go with him. He then provided a small amount of change to Michael to ride his bike in the other direction"...

    Ljubica's body was found in the backyard of a home in the 1600 block of Hickory Avenue. She had been sexually assaulted and brutally beaten.

    Windsor police have released a composite DNA image of a suspect in a 44-year-old cold case involving the homicide of six-year-old Ljubica Topic. The image was created using DNA imaging technology from a private Virginia firm to predict the person's ancestry and potential appearance.

    According to the images released by police, the man is likely from Northwest Europe, had fair skin, brown eyes and black hair at the time Topic was killed... Chapman said the image closely resembles an eyewitness composite created in 1971...

    More than 40 years ago, near where her body was found, officers discovered two of Topic's teeth, along with an adult tooth investigators believe belonged to the suspect.

    More details of the case here:

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    In the past year, numerous tips were provided to the Police following a media release in April of 2015, and police have been actively investigating the leads, and have cleared over twenty individuals.

    Investigators have recently sought the services of Parabon NanoLabs (Parabon), a DNA technology company in Virginia that specializes in DNA phenotyping,the process of predicting physical appearance and ancestry from unidentified DNA evidence. Law Enforcement Agencies use the company’s Snapshot™ DNA Phenotyping Service (Snapshot) for narrowing suspect lists and generating leads in criminal investigations.

    Snapshot predicts that a person of interest (POI) in the TOPIC case has the following features:

    • Fair skin or very fair skin with 89.2% confidence

    • Brown or Hazel eyes with 97.0% confidence

    • Brown or black hair with 96.6% confidence

    • Zero or few freckling with 93% confidence

    Snapshot predicts the POI’s ancestry is almost entirely European, primarily from the regions of North West Europe (North West European populations include: British, Dutch, Irish, North Eurpoean, Orcadian, Scottish, and United Kingdom population groups).

    Using these predicted features, along with a prediction of the POI’s face shape, Snapshot produced a composite profile of what the suspect may have looked like at 25 years old, and of what the suspect may look like today at approximately 70 years old.

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    Odd that a perp would break a tooth in this sort of attack but I'm glad he did-better his neck!

    Has it been revealed which of the 32 teeth it was? I assume they have checked dental records in Canada and the U.S. for men who came in for repairs to that particular broken tooth from mid-1971 to about 1980.
    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

    Stan Reid

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    This link was posted by JohnAllore on different thread, the reference to this allegedly violent man ( circa 1978 ) having a broken front tooth, reminded me of this case.
    Jessica described her aggressor as about her age or slightly older, somewhere between 17 and 20 at the time.
    He was English speaking. Although he went by a pair of initials, she said she once saw his real name on his driver’s license.
    She said he stood about 5 feet- 7 inches, had one chipped front tooth and squinty eyes "like René Zellweger," Jessica said, at a loss for how else to describe his appearance. He also had dark hair and "a long, sloppy bang."
    "He looked like a no-good-nick, a bit of a hood," she said.

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