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    Thumbs up Sick teen wishes for cards for her birthday


    ...“I’m sad because it’s not as exciting for her anymore because she can’t do the things that she used to do,” said Graves-Gass.

    But Dayshaunarae still enjoys one simple thing.

    “We put her in the wheelchair and wheel her out there and let her check the mail,” Graves-Gass.

    So her mom turned to Facebook with a simple request.

    “What I’m hoping for is cards, notes, postcards,” said Graves-Gass.

    “I just want to see her smile. I want her to be happy on her birthday.”

    Dayshaunarae’s birthday is May 6th. She loves Disney characters. Her mom says she’ll gather up any mail that arrives and save it for her to open that day.

    Mail can be sent to Dayshaunarae at:

    Dayshaunarae Graves-Shaw
    13201 Lomas Verdes Ave NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87123

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    I hope I can remember to get her a card !

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    I purchased a card today during my weekly grocery shopping trip and will drop it in the mail tomorrow morning. Here's to hoping Dayshaunarae is buried under a mountain of cards on her birthday

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    I have a small package to send to her tomorrow, thank you so much for posting this! Her story touched my heart. The fact that her mom is only asking for cards, in a time where everyone asks for money, is very refreshing and genuine. I hope that Dayshaunarae has a wonderful birthday.

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