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    3 injured after London, Ont. 'girl fight' involving up to 12 women

    Police say two groups of women who knew each other met up at Grey and Clarence streets for a “consensual physical altercation” early Sunday morning.

    Keith Gunn was inside his Clarence Street home when he heard what he described as a rowdy group of women walking east on Grey around 1:30 a.m. He looked out his window and saw a group of women, two of whom were fighting in the street.

    “It just looked like a girl fight,” said Gunn, who counted between eight and 12 women, whom he estimated were in their 20s.

    The dust-up soon drew in more women from the group before devolving into shoving and shouting, said Gunn, who watched one woman sitting on the curb lose consciousness. Neighbours yelled that police had been called and some of the women fled the scene, he said.

    Police arrived and found three injured women, one with multiple stab wounds, and arrested four people, two of whom were later released without charges.

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    London, Ont. - Rock-throwing, trash-talking, threats made over a cellphone — it was all there, and all about a man, neighbours say of the run-up to a London street brawl that left a woman clinging to life in hospital.

    The stabbing victim was still in critical condition Monday, two days after she was injured in the fight between two groups of women in London’s SoHo neighbourhood.

    Police have charged two sisters with aggravated assault in the fallout of the weekend clash, which involved as many as 12 women.

    “It’s upsetting. It’s unfortunate. These girls on both sides, their lives will be changed forever. Two (may) have permanent records coming at them and one could be disabled because of her injuries,” said neighbour Amanda Kerrouch. She saw the brawl outside her Clarence Street home after hearing hours of arguing, swearing and trash talk between women who sounded like they were fighting over a man.

    “It seems to be increasing in London,” Kerrouch, a community service worker, said of knife violence. “People are not thinking. They are grabbing knives before they go to deal with their conflict.

    “There just seems to be a general lacking of ability to cope with anger.”

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