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    Next Up - Volcano's?


    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - Anchorage residents could see a cloud of steam over the weekend from a volcano 900 miles away -- one of three Alaska volcanoes showing signs of unrest.

    The three volcanoes, including two located on remote Aleutian islands distant from any population centers, are setting off frequent tremors and minor bursts of ash or steam, seismologists said on Tuesday.

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    Honestly, I am on overload for the tragedies that have been occuring since August. I am almost numb and can't seem to separate anymore. Not that I am unfeeling but I think I am in survival mode right now. I won't even look at TV and then hear we may all be demolished by bird flu. In case we don't make it until next week, I love you all and hope you all have some modicum of happiness.

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    what about Santorini?? is it due for an eruption? Anyone know?
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