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    Post IL - Known Predator James Michael Frances Lopes

    excerpt: "State’s Attorney Gibbons said in the brief period he has been investigating this case, his office has determined there was a prior case in Oregon where Lopes was charged in Oregon with an attempted sex offense of a little girl.

    “That case garnered quite a bit of attention in Oregon where he was actually released on that case based on an order of the Supreme Court not on the finding of absence of guilt but on an issue related to mental illness, which has led us to concern about the individual’s fitness,” Gibbons said.

    “He (Lopes) certainly has been accused in the past but there is no conviction on his record in that case. That gives us a great deal of concern about his motivation. We will certainly be looking into that. Beyond that in Madison and St. Clair County I have found no record of arrest. It does appear this individual moves around quite a bit.”

    Lakin referred to Lopes as “transient” with his living behavior.

    Gibbons said he reviewed some of Lopes’ discussions online and said with the nature of the content it has to be determined where it becomes criminal and what is protected by the First Amendment.

    “I have reviewed some of the online content posted by this individual and I find it completely disgusting, absolutely and completely contrary to any sort of decent thinking,” Gibbons said. “It is definitely not in line with the thinking of our community. However, speech is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. The postings on social media of a general nature like that normally are protected by the First Amendment.

    “However, we are concerned that there may have been conversations initiated in the community by this individual with members of the community possibly related to children that we want to gain information about. It is possible that specific conversations and specific interactions could rise to the level of a criminal act. Whereas postings and videos have generally not risen to this in the past.”

    Anyone with any information in this case, contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Department at 618-692-6087. The sheriff said any information relevant in this case would be appreciated."

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    Here is James Michael Frances Lopes personal Facebook Page: James Michael Frances Lopes
    Here is the Facebook Page for his "church" Rise Star Church
    Another Facbook page: Salvation Works
    Yet Another Facebook page: Blind First Date
    One more Facebook Page: Mini Date
    Here is one of his Google+ Accounts: Google Plus #1
    Here is another Google Account that he uses: Google Plus #2
    Here is his Google Plus Drive: Google Drive

    His last post was in February.
    Phone Numbers associated with Lopes "Church"
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    EDWARDSVILLE — Authorities are asking the public’s help in providing information about James Lopes, a man arrested Sunday who is suspected of making lewd remarks to young girls.

    Lopes, 40, who has no permanent address, is being held in the Madison County Jail on two misdemeanor charges, but a judge has set his bail at $15,000 and ordered him held until he can be evaluated by a professional.


    “The information that was on social media was incredible,” says Madison County Sheriff John Lakin. “The public got involved in this and was tracking this individual, then posting photos of him.”

    He said that public involvement helped greatly in tracking Lopes down and arresting him.

    Police say Lopes suffers from mental illness and faced previous charges in Oregon for contract with a child, but was not convicted.


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