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    Canada - Mindemoya, Ont, Human skull found in Waggs Woods, May'16

    Photo of skull at link:


    On Tuesday, May 3, members of the Manitoulin Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a report of found human remains in a wooded area in Mindemoya... with the anthropologist confirming that the remains are human.

    Community Services Office Constable Steve Hart told The Expositor that the OPP will now conduct a search to see if the rest of the remains are nearby as only a skull was discovered.

    Manitoulin OPP responded to a call yesterday afternoon that a community member had found unknown remains, believed to be human, in a densely wooded area known as Wagg’s Woods. The wooded area is directly off of Mindemoya’s main street, Highway 542... The remains were found at an access point off of Thorne Street.

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    A human skull found on Manitoulin requires more analysis before details can be provided regarding its sex, age and how long it may have rested in the woods before its discovery.

    "The skull appears to be very old but until the anthropologists have a chance to look at it and actually date it, we can't confirm anything as far as its age," said Const. Steve Hart, community services officer with the Manitoulin OPP.

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    [The] person whose remains were discovered last May is thought to have walked the earth some 800 to 900 years ago. “It is similar to the remains found in Providence Bay a few years ago,” she said. That age dates the skull to long before first contact between First Nations and Europeans took place.

    The skull most likely belonged to an adult male and to add to the mystery, it is believed the skull’s original resting place was not where it was eventually discovered. The plant life on the skull, and the fact of its sheer survival through nearly the near-millennium since the death of its owner, mitigate against the remains having been exposed to the elements for a significant period of time.

    “In this climate, over that length of time, it would have deteriorated a long time ago,” surmised the coroner.

    Now that the remains have been identified as being ancient, and not the result of a recent mishap, the role of the police and the coroner’s office are over, explained Dr. McRae. “It is now in the hands of the registrar of burials.”


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