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    MD - Frederick Co., Human remains in Cunningham Falls State Park, May'16


    Police spokeswoman Candy Thomson said the "pretty deteriorated" body was found before 11 a.m. by a person hunting for mushrooms in a wooded wildlife area of the park near U.S. 15 south and Catoctin Hollow Road...

    Thomson said the remains are "kind of spread out" over an area, and a cadaver dog team was brought in to assist in the search.

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    The story is "trending" on FB this morning. Here is another news source saying the body was badly decomposed and they don't know if it is male or female.

    Please be aware that what I type is my opinion.

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    Looks like he now has a NamUs! https://identifyus.org/en/cases/15408

    Black/African American male, age 17-19. Been there for "months" (estimated year of death 2014-2016). Has everything but one or more limbs and one or more hands. DNA is going in the system and they have dental, but not in NamUs. About 66 inches (5'6)

    He was only a kid

    http://www.fredericknewspost.com/new...85e501d98.html Here's an article about him
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