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    TN - Ricci Ellsworth, 45, Memphis, 8 Feb 1997 *M. Rimmer guilty*


    All the police ever found of Ricci Ellsworth was her blood.

    Detectives found puddles of it in the office of the run-down motel where she worked the overnight shift, checking in guests and keeping the books. They found droplets and smudges leading through the office and out the door to the parking lot. There, the trail and Ellsworth disappeared.

    Even so, authorities here say they have no doubt about what happened to Ellsworth: She was attacked in the office bathroom one night in February 1997. And they have no doubt who killed her: her former boyfriend, Michael Rimmer, an ex-con who had threatened her before. The police found her blood in his car, and their case proved so powerful that jurors convicted Rimmer in a few hours. He was sentenced to die.

    What those jurors never learned and what Rimmer's attorneys say they were never told was that a witness saw a different man in the motel office about the time Ellsworth disappeared. The man seen in the office already was wanted in connection with a stabbing and, the witness said, literally had blood on his hands.
    Rimmer was granted a new trial, which began last week:


    The jury Friday found him guilty as charged of killing her with premeditation and in perpetration of a robbery. He was also convicted of aggravated robbery. The jury is scheduled to return Saturday to decide his sentence.

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    On Monday, a criminal court judge sentenced Michael Rimmer to death for the third time for the murder of Ricci Lynn Ellsworth, who went missing nineteen years ago in 1997.

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