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    Just a FYI for the newbies....

    This case will break wide open when you least expect it, just ask any of our seasoned members. LE has to dot all their I's and cross all their T's. So don't be disappointed there hasn't been an arrest yet. It will come.....just be patient.

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    TX - Terri 'Missy' Bevers,45, murdered in church/person in SWAT gear,18 Apr 2016 #13

    "A fitness trainer and mother of three was murdered in a Dallas-area church Monday morning by a man wearing SWAT gear, police said."

    "Boot camp-style exercise class participants who showed up at the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Tex., around 5 a.m. found their instructor Terri ďMissyĒ Bevers, 45, dead, according to the Midlothian Police Department."

    "Fitness trainer Terri (Missy) Bevers, 45, was killed early Monday just before her boot-camp style class, police said. Participants in the Camp Gladiator class found her dead when they arrived to a Midlothian, Tex., church for the workout."

    "Police Chief Carl Smith said a man wearing what looked like a tactical helmet, gloves and a heavy vest with "POLICE" written on it could be seen in security camera footage from the E. U.S. Highway 287 church just before Bevers arrived. The department released the 4 a.m. footage Monday afternoon, though Smith said no cameras captured the attack."



    Missy Bevers husband said ďI believe she was targeted, thatís my opinion"

    Fitness trainer, 45, 'murdered at church by suspect wearing police SWAT gear after she walked in on an attempted burglary'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz46EVdAgSd

    LE Update/Presser on April 22, 2016

    Questions have swirled around the suspect's identity, but Kristi Stout does not believe her sister-in-law died because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    'A lot of us, including myself, think she was targeted,' Stout told NBC DFW.


    Link to Midlothian Police Department facebook page. Images (still and video) from the church featuring the perp can be seen here.

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    Everyone, please read this
    post before you post anything else

    Quote Originally Posted by tricia View Post
    Dear Websleuths members,

    Again we find ourselves trying to moderate based on rules set up for other cases.

    Once in a while, our rules do not fit with certain cases and therefore changes need to be made.

    We will try and make this as easy as possible.

    If you have a question send me a private message, please. Do not post the question on the forum.

    For our new members: Welcome to websleuths!

    Websleuths is different than any other forum on the internet. If you are used to forums like topix then you are going to find out quickly websleuths is not topix. We donít allow rumors. We donít allow comments from facebook or comments from other forums. We work hard to make sure everyone stays on topic. We allow and encourage appropriate sleuthing. Most of all we want you to become involved and enjoy your experience at websleuths. You can review our rules right here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/for...?159-the-rules

    *Please no personal chatter back and forth. Welcoming someone back or making jokes at other memberís expense is not going to be allowed. The case is about Missy Bevers. Please do not make the thread about you.

    *If Missyís husband posts pictures and posts on his personal public facebook page it can be discussed and you can speculate.

    *if you do speculate please do not make comments on their personal appearance. Thatís just rude. You can speculate on their behavior but if you want to post something unkind about their looks please donít.

    *Speculation is allowed if it involves someone who has been named in the mainstream media and you can logically put this person at the scene of the crime or can suggest they were somehow involved. Speculation has to be based on some semblance of fact. In other words, you canít speculate that the dry cleaning people killed Missy. The police have confirmed they believe Missy was targeted. Thatís a good place to start.

    *Speculation does not mean you can sleuth any of these people. Their lives have been turned upside down and the last thing they want to see is something personal and embarrassing posted on websleuths for the world to see. No sleuthing aka no digging into their backgrounds and posting what you find.

    * Here is a hypothetical for you: Say you were face to face with the person you are getting ready to post about. This person also knows your real name. Would you say what you are getting ready to post to this personís face? Please think before you post.

    *We have an unfair advantage. We are anonymous. Your words are very powerful and they will be on the internet forever. You will own those words when the truth is found out about Missy's murder.

    To review:

    *yes you can speculate as long as it is logical and done in a mature manner.

    *yes you can discuss the pictures Missy's husband posted on his personal and public Facebook page. You cannot discuss any comments unless they are from Missy's husband personally.

    *yes you can discuss all pictures/ videos as long as you can source them to a legitimate source . Do not post or discuss the twitter picture that showed the face blown up. This looks like some sort of photo-shopped picture and it canít be sourced

    i am completely responsible for any confusion that has gone on in this thread. Sparky is doing a great job and she was doing what i taught her to do. I want to publicly thank sparky for her hard work and dedication.

    Ok newbies and old time Websleuths members, go forth and discuss!

    Tricia Griffith
    ps. Please forgive spelling and grammatical errors. I am half asleep as i write.
    Search Warrants

    dry cleaner warrant - redacted
    LinkedIn warrant 5-5-16
    AT&T Tower warrant 5-5-16
    Search warrant
    Websleuths now on Facebook

    Welcome to all new members. Thank you for joining the conversation. Please take a moment to become familiar with the TOS and rules, etiquette and information.

    mni wiconi - Lakota for Water is Life.

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    Bringing this over as I have tarabull timing...

    Quote Originally Posted by tarabull View Post
    Any chance this was a hired hit?

    (I apologize in advance - for blurting out my question - as I have not read all 12 threads....yet)
    Quote Originally Posted by North coast View Post
    I think that option is still on the table for many of us
    Thanks for that response NC...It will sure be interesting to see how this one plays out.

    ETA: Breck80 --- thanks (also) for the 'what we know so far' post before #12 thread closed
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    So I got screenshots from 4 different camera angles from the church video. I don't think we can rely too much on the camera to decipher body type/shape. The different types of cameras/angles make such a difference (if these are all the same person, which I believe to be true).

    Also the last camera angle shows the top of the helmet. I think it is a bicycle helmet - looks like there is a long narrow opening how the light is shining on it.

    screenshots video.jpg

    Edit: After looking again, the helmet might still be rounded and the light is just shining on it weird.

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    Marking my place. And I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and single dads.

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    Idk. A female wouldn't know where the church tools were held in order to use some random weapon that may or may not be on the scene.
    You can fool some of the people some of the time; But guess what? The Bus Stops Here (Life No Parole/ Don't Pass Go: Don't Collect Your $200)

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    Looking forward to lstiff's catch up notes tonight, I've missed about 20 hours and can't bring myself to read all 660 posts.

    I'll ask once and then endeavour to stay on track - has anything new happened in that time? At all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DexterMorgan View Post
    Idk. A female wouldn't know where the church tools were held in order to use some random weapon that may or may not be on the scene.
    Are we sure susp got the tools from the church or did suspect take them out of his/her pants/jacket when we couldn't see behind the door? Would a church have tools in a hallway? I would think they would be in a shed.

    Is anyone else going absolutely crazy wanting an arrest? I am!

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    With respect to my earlier post... just noticed that high-powered female Dallas divorce attorney KMc "de friended" MB recently because they were def FB friends after the murder. May not mean anything. Some people are just private people.
    Anyone from Midlothian know if MB contacted her on a professional level or how they were connected??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DexterMorgan View Post
    Idk. A female wouldn't know where the church tools were held in order to use some random weapon that may or may not be on the scene.
    Every church I've ever been in (quite a few) has a maintenance closet and in my experience the women are the ones usually setting stuff up for events and grabbing tools if needed.

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    When you guys say "church tools," do you mean that SWATPERP got the hammer and crowbar, etc., from the church rather than brought them? I haven't been able to read every post in all these threads, sorry and thanks

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    Figuring out FB-posting patterns, strategies and motivations seems misdirected, in my view anyway, from sleuthing, especially given the ubiquitous nature of social media. I know that's not true in every case, as LE uses online activity to piece together how suspects and victims communicate. But here, we have warrants about LE seeking information likely based on Missy's last activity, right? It doesn't mean anyone named is her killer.

    If the people named know that suddenly hundreds of strangers were going to be looking at their FB postings to see what their mindset is or was, I don't think anyone it is going to provide insights. Or maybe it's better to say I think it's a slippery slope to assume meaning in some of this. That's how I see it right now and as I'm reading. I realize others feel differently.


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    One more screenshot where you can see the outline of the legs. Definitely look like an in-shape person's legs IMO at this angle.legs.png

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    Carried over from previous thread..

    Quote Originally Posted by Nationals
    yes 5'8-9

    Elley Mae
    Do you have a link? TIA

    Thread Reference:

    Link Reference:
    “Investigators have been able to estimate the height of the suspect being approximately 5’08 – 5’09 tall."
    Last edited by sdmike1974; 05-08-2016 at 04:36 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyKatLadi View Post
    Every church I've ever been in (quite a few) has a maintenance closet and in my experience the women are the ones usually setting stuff up for events and grabbing tools if needed.
    Gotcha, ty.

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