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    Dog, owner reunited 6 weeks after Katrina



    Cute pic too!

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    That made me smile!

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    Where else? Texas ! ! ! !
    That is one happy family, I know how I would feel if I were to lose my dogs and then find them weeks later... Tears of joy would never stop rolling down my cheeks....

    "Would some power the Giftee gie us To see ourselves as others see us" R.Burns

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    I couldn't see the picture (webtv) but I am so happy for the family!! I've watched on the Animal Planet~reunions are beautiful.They make me cry. Seriously I love my Red so much I'd have to stay with him and just die. I could never leave my Furbaby.BTW/I sent a donation to the NOLA.spca and I have recieved a thankyou,also from HSUS. So good to know the money went for the animals.Next bit will go to Houston ASPCA~only wish I had more...smile,smile..cant make icons! LOL.Take care.

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