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    CT - Connie Dabate, 39, murdered in her Ellington home, 23 Dec 2015


    Connie Dabate, 39, was found dead and her husband, Richard, was found wounded when authorities responded to a burglary alarm at their Ellington home shortly after 10 a.m. on Dec. 23. State troopers also said there was smoke in the home. The couple’s two sons, ages 9 and 6, were in school at the time, officials said.

    The medical examiner’s office later determined that Connie Dabate died from multiple gunshot wounds to her head and abdomen. Richard Dabate was treated for undisclosed injuries at a hospital and discharged.

    Less than three months before she was found shot to death at her Birchview Drive home, Connie Dabate was the victim of another crime.

    In early October, someone stuffed rags into her car's tailpipe, according to police reports obtained by The Courant.

    A week later, the windshield of her husband Richard Dabate's car was cracked — from the inside.

    No one was arrested in the incidents, nor has anyone been arrested in Dabate's killing two days before Christmas.

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    So sad there's not more talk about this case. No one has been arrested....

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    Agreed, I have been waiting for any kind of news at all. This is local to me and a few of my partime job coworkers were friends with her. But no additional info coming from them either.

    On an interesting note, she was involved in 2 lawsuits against a home improvement man. She won both but they were only worth about $10,000 total. There are also town rumors of another woman and a possible child her husband had with another woman. Who knows?
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