On the evening of March 7, 1979 she had gone to meet a friend at a convention in Cleveland. Later, she would join those same friends at a restaurant in Rocky River called Victoria Station. Afterward, she said she was heading to her home in Lorain.

It was nearing midnight. She headed east through Lakewood on Detroit instead of west towards her home. Off of Clifton she makes a right turn onto Beach and pulled into a driveway.

"The driver's side window glass was blown out -- it was apparent she was shot through the driver's window," said Capt. Gary Sprague.

Shot in the back of the head. The weapon, a shotgun. The news stunned her family.

Her assailant fired a shotgun blast at Karen from close range, killing her. It is assumed the assailant was standing next to the car.

A witness saw a station wagon car parked behind Karen's car in the street on Beach Ave. facing south. This car left the area quickly, south on Beach Ave. after the shot was fired. It was determined that Karen did not know anyone living in the area where she stopped her car. It is not known why Karen drove east into Lakewood after leaving Rocky River, instead of west towards her home in Lorain, OH.

The investigation stalled after several months. Several persons of interest were interviewed, but no solid suspects were developed.