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    Canada - Shawn Reineke, 18, Saskatoon, 28 Sept 1984

    An Ottawa journalist/former Saskatoon radio DJ is looking for any details about this case.

    Montreal Gazette

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    Nearly 30 years ago, Shawn Reineke was found fatally injured at the bottom of a garbage chute at a University of Saskatchewan residence building. A party had been held there that night, and people were drinking. To this day, it’s unclear how Reineke ended up inside the ninth floor garbage chute...

    What is clear is that the 18-year-old was at a party on the ninth floor of Seager Wheeler Hall on Sept. 30, 1984. According to news reports that relied on testimony from an inquest into his death, it is believed that Reineke passed out at the party and was carried by friends to the elevator and left there alone...

    The inquest into Reineke’s death months after his fatal fall concluded that Reineke did not enter the garbage chute himself... In 1989, police said the case was closed. Despite the coroner’s inquest findings, a police detective said Reineke’s death was an accident.

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    I am wondering how the coroner knew Reineke did not enter the garbage chute by himself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdgdid View Post
    I am wondering how the coroner knew Reineke did not enter the garbage chute by himself?
    That's a good question. Another article suggested was an officer on the scene who suggested that. I'm not sure which is true. The chute doors, I think, are set up like a mailbox, so I think you'd have to keep it fairly well balanced to avoid having the door slam on your upper body as your weight pushes on the 'bin'. A coroner may have been expecting to see bruising consistent with that happening? MOO, Hard to say.

    When I went through the University most people assumed he went down head first because a drunk loading oneself into one of those feet first really does just seem like a bit of a logistical impossibility.

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