From September 2009:

Bradley Wahnee’s goal was to help improve the health of his people, American Indians.

The 19-year-old Oklahoma City University student was studying biology in a premedicine program. He was the 2008 Comanche Nation high school graduate of the year, who earned a scholarship to OCU and said he wanted to be a radiologist.

Tuesday night, in the front yard of a house at 3226 NW 30, gunfire ended his life.

A Lawton woman whose 19-year-old son was shot and killed in 2009 is among a group of mothers who urged legislators Wednesday to defeat a bill that would allow people to carry guns in public with no training or background checks.

Kari Wahnee's son Bradley, a sophomore at Oklahoma City University, was caught in the crossfire during a gang-related, drive-by shooting that remains unsolved.