Sammy Youngblood’s body was discovered Sept. 16, 2003, on the south side of Post Oak Road, between 96th and 108th avenues southeast. The medical examiner’s report gave the cause of death as “blunt force trauma.”

Family members think the assailant used a pipe, tire tool or a bat to club Sammy in the head and face.

“He had parallel lines of bruising along the side of his face, and a dent in his head where his skull had been crushed,” said Julie Youngblood, Sammy’s mother. “His ear had been sewn back on by the undertaker. I just about passed out when I saw him. I’ve never seen anything so brutal.”

The last two people known to be with Sammy the night of his death — Dennis Mitchell and Stacia Dusek — have refused to be interviewed by police, Mitchell from the outset and Dusek after having given police an initial statement.

"There was some type of fight. The other individual got back in the vehicle and then left the scene, " said Captain Teuscher. "That's kind of where we go gray"...

"We don't know exactly if the fight was the reason Mr. Youngblood was deceased, if he tried to do something and the vehicle may have hit him or run over him or if he was fine and later someone came along and struck him," Captain Teuscher said.

Right now they only have theories, but no proof.