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    NM - Margaret 'Margie' Pointer, 27, Alamogordo, 20 Nov 1987


    Pointer was known as Margie to her friends, family and coworkers. She was last seen in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn on White Sands Boulevard around 6 a.m. on Nov. 20, 1987. She was 27 years old at the time of her disappearance, married and the mother of a 5-year-old boy... Pointer's husband was on active duty military stationed overseas at the time...

    Otero County Sheriff’s deputies recovered human skeletal remains on March 18, 2004 located by a forest-thinning crew near Cloudcroft... Medical investigators positively identified her on May 27, 2004.

    Pointer's remains were strewn over a five-acre area at nearly 8,000 feet elevation off State Road 6563 – the Sunspot Highway.

    Police identified a person of interest, but they didn’t have enough evidence to pin the murder on him

    That’s where the TNT crime show “Cold Justice” comes in... “One of the coworkers they helped me locate actually heard an argument, a very heated argument between Ms. Pointer and our subject just prior to when she disappeared,” said Schoolcraft.

    Schoolcraft says the show helped his staff re-interview witnesses and find two people with information he says could be key in finally solving the case, like that heated argument Pointer allegedly had and the whereabouts of their person of interest the day she went missing.

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    Twenty-nine years after Margaret Caroline Pointer's skeletal remains were found near the Sunspot Highway, near Cloudcroft, Alamogordo police Detective Lt. Roger Schoolcraft is still on the case.

    The case remains open, and could possibly catch a major break after finding new technology that can recreate the area where Pointer's body was dumped, the Alamogordo Daily News reported.

    The FARO laser scanner is a 3-D laser imaging device that can recreate areas of a scene using distance and depth measurement points per seconds. It's usually used for crash scenes, but Schoolcraft felt it could be used for this case as well.

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    I hope this new tool helps. I have a relative who knew the victim and the POI. Thosewho know the POI believe he's guilty, but the long period of time between the victim's disappearance and discovery of her body meant possible evidence was destroyed. There are more details in the video at the link above.

    The area where she was found is rather remote. The POI appeared at a nearby hunting cabin to visit co workers staying there on the night of the killing. Just a bunch of men on a hunting trip. Some photos were taken at the cabin that night, and the POI became nervous and refused to have his photo taken. No one thought much of it until Margaret was missing for a while. Most of them knew the POI was having an extra marital affair with her. IIRC, LE back then assumed the victim just left town and didn't investigate for quite a while.

    The officer in the article has been doing an excellent job trying to crack the case.

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