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    Mexico - Giovanni Pionni, 77, Uxmal (Yucatan), 24 August 2005


    Among the myriad mysteries of Yucatan, the land of the ancient Maya, c 'is also to Giovanni Pionni, 77 tourists disappeared from Milan' Hotel Villa Arqueologica Uxmal August 24 and never reappeared. Dead? Escaped? Robbed? Injured? "The only certainty is that we have not heard from him - says the son Massimo - was on holiday with my mother and uncles. He woke up early in the morning, as always, came out at 8 and has agreed to meet in the lobby, breakfast 8.30. And from that moment he is gone. What has moved away spontaneously, the family tends to exclude it: "We've been married for 45 years - says his wife Celestina - a marriage that has held up very well, we have two children and no problems. it is true, 77 years are not few, but John was always lucid, has never shown signs of mental confusion, so much that he continued to work in the scientific family library, the Licosa via Bartolini. " L 'most likely hypothesis is that of petty crime in the place although the Yucatan is not a dangerous area as other Mexico, like Chiapas. "We had also opted for this, as well as the archaeological beauties, which are one of my passions - continues Celestina - not one of his, however, so that always snorted when I took him in these cultural holidays, but then there was. In the past we were in Turkey, Morocco, France. This was the first trip overseas, and although we were only there for three days had already begun to grumble because it was too hot for his liking. " It really is likely to be also the 'last trip, because the Pionni are aware that, after almost three months of silence, the death - for any reason is occurred - at this point is the most likely possibility. "We are trying to get used to 'idea, as we succeed. But we also try to cling to the trickle of hope we have left: that for unknown reasons it has taken away, or that all 'the sudden has fogged the brain and both ended up who knows where. But the last two people who saw him, a guide and a girl of 'welcoming the Club Med, which had organized the trip, confirmed that he was fine. The logical thing is that it was attacked by someone who wanted to rob, which reacted and which has been made to disappear. He was a person who some shots d 'anger him, sometimes. " But if it happened, the criminals have also made a bad deal, Giovanni was out of the d 'hotel room without money or documents - just had to take a stroll in the surrounding area - and was also dressed in a simple way, a short-sleeved shirt white to blue square and blue pants, nothing he did assume that he was rich. Since then, only two reports, both false, two bodies found on the surrounding heights, "but one was a 40-year old, el 'other was in a state of putrefaction and only it turned out that it was a woman after more careful analysis" Massimo says, that immediately after the disappearance reached mom and uncles to Mexico to participate in the research. "I brought with me the card of blood group and x-rays of the dental arches of dad, for any comparisons." He also has disseminated the Yucatan leaflets with a color photo and the promise of a good reward, but so far there have only been false alarms. "Not only that we also paid the people who still are struggling to carpet the forest that grows near the archaeological site and all 'hotel, which is intricate." Forest where, however, a 'guess who turned Celestina exclude that Giovanni Pionni can find himself. Even the seer? "We tried really all," admits his wife. Also because the 'assistance of the Italian authorities in Mexico has been controversial, "The honorary consul in Cancun was very kind, he has done everything possible in the early days. But then talk to the 'Embassy and the Foreign Ministry has always been a problem. Even when it popped out the first corpse, they told of the discovery, but then no one has notified us that it was a false alarm. " But in their grief the Pionni are dignified and not seek a spectacle: "We just want to find out the truth."


    Giovanni Pionni

    Age:77 (al momento della scomparsa)
    Eyes: green
    Clothes:Shirt with blue square on a white background with short sleeves and blue pants
    Missing from:Uxmal, Yucatan (Messico)
    Date of missing:24/08/2005

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