And 'from early October that the Neapolitan Roberto Molinaro no more news of himself, his family against the Mexican investigators: "No one is investigating"

He went to Mexico together with his brother Enrico, but from 1 October seems to have vanished into thin air. This is Roberto Molinaro, a Neapolitan of 36 years trading profession. The lawyer Antonio Russo, who is assisting the family Molinaro has been very critical of the Mexican authorities: "The local police investigations are at a standstill, it must be a strong intervention of the Italian Government to shed light on this affair."
Meanwhile his brother Henry returned to Italy from Veracruz after intense research of his brother.
The last reliable sighting of Roberto Molinaro took place on 1 October in Paso del Toro, a town a few kilometers from the capital.
The assumptions that were made in the immediacy speak of a possible kidnapping, but more days pass, the more you do well in the hypothesis of murder following a robbery.
In fact, on October 4 his ATM has been used several times by several Mexicans, but Mexican authorities have not yet identified them.