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    ID - Post Conviction Relief Denied because the Judge was Swayed by Public Opinion

    Torey Adamcik, an Idaho inmate serving a life sentence recently had his post conviction relief denied, and I know for a fact that the only reason the judge, Mitchell Brown, denied it was because he was completely swayed by the public opinion. (The public opinion has been so vile towards Adamcik ever since the crime, and still are to this day, and like I just said, it's the sole reason to why Judge Brown denied the relief.)

    For those of you on here who are against Torey, it does not mean that you should condone Judge Brown from having his decision be based solely off of the public's opinion because judges caring more about the public opinion than the facts is not right at all.

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    shannon hes not an idaho inmate, he's a convicted confessed murderer. the name Cassie Jo Stoddard ring a bell? what facts are you privy to that the Judge (& public) missed?
    adamcik will die in jail, eventually.
    “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

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    rown denied Adamcik's post-conviction relief. He agreed that Adamcik's original counsel in 2007 was deficient in how evidence was handled, but he said he doesn't see how that deficiency and the new character testimony and evidence would change the outcome of the case.
    Brown also denied the request on the grounds of an alleged plea deal for Adamcik, saying that the court wouldn't address it because the original judge in the case said during the evidentiary hearing that he wouldn't have considered it at the time of the trial.

    Bannock County deputy prosecutor Jared Johnson argued that the original judge did apply Miller v. Alabama in his decision, even though it hadn't happened yet. Johnson said the judge took Adamcik's and Draper's ages and youthfulness into consideration in his decision, especially in his closing statement, in which he said: "I am convinced, beyond a reasonable doubt, you will kill again."
    Johnson believes Montgomery doesn't affect Adamcik's case since he thinks Miller's standards were used.

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    Yes, you are correct that Judge Brown did say that the counsel's ineffectiveness wouldn't of had an affect on the outcome, but I feel pretty guaranteed that he used that as an excuse because he couldn't just straight up say that he's denying it because of how the public feels towards Torey, so he had to come up with an excuse, and saying that the ineffective counsel would have no affect is a pretty typical excuse.
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