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    MD - Stacey Seaton, 17, pregnant, dies in contract killing, Bowie, 1 June 2005


    Mother Hopes Billboard Will Help Find Daughter's Killer
    Mother: 'There Are Still People Who Have Information'

    POSTED: 11:11 am EDT October 14, 2005

    BOWIE, Md. -- The mother of a 17-year-old teenager from Bowie, Md., has put up a billboard pleading for help in solving her daughter's death.

    The billboard is 12 feet high and 25 feet wide. It's located in the 16500 block of Annapolis road, directly across from the Sacred Heart Church, about 1/2 mile west of Route 301.

    Gale Seaton, Stacey's mother said the billboard will be in place for the next three months.

    Stacey Seaton's body was found on June 1 on a popular path near a playground in Bowie and Gale Seaton is praying that the billboard will lead to witnesses or the person responsible for her daughter's death.

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    BOWIE, Md. -- Prince George's County police said a friend found 17-year-old Stacey Seaton about 3:30 p.m., Wednesday along a trail in some woods near a playground on Scarlet Oak Terrace, in Bowie, Md.

    And according to The Washington Post, Seaton was found fatally shot and she was several weeks pregnant.

    Police said Seaton was rushed to a nearby hospital, but she died a short time later.

    Investigators are trying to determine where Seaton was and who she was with during the last hours of her life.

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    Thats so sad!! I am from maryland and i dont remember this story....

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    Anybody have any info on this case? I have looked online, can't seem to find any more details. I have not heard of this case until now. This is so sad.

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    Arrest Made in 4-Year-Old Cold Case

    Updated: Thursday, 08 Oct 2009, 6:35 PM EDT

    BOWIE, Md. - Prince George's County Police say they have closed a 4-year-old cold case with the arrest of a Riverdale man.

    McDonald Abraham, 25, has been charged with the murder of Stacey Seaton, a teenager found shot to death in a park near her home.

    A court affidavit says McDonald wanted Seaton dead because he believed she was behind the theft of drugs and money from his apartment.

    Stacey Seaton was pregnant when she was killed in broad daylight on June 1, 2005. She was shot once in the back of the head.
    For nearly four years, police worked this case but didn't have enough evidence until last April, when a third witness came forward to point the finger at McDonald Abraham.


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    From February 2011:


    Abraham pleaded guilty in the June 1, 2005 killing of Stacey Seaton, who was 17. Seaton was shot in the back of the head on a winding path in a wooded area about 200 yards from her home in a quiet upper-middle class Bowie neighborhood...

    Within a few days of Abraham's guilty plea, authorities arrested a second suspect, Jarvis D. Tyler...

    According to police charging documents in support of Tyler's arrest, on Jan. 12 -- the day of Abraham's guilty plea -- an unnamed co-defendant told police that he agreed to pay Tyler $600 to kill Seaton.
    From March 2012:


    Macdonald Abraham... was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison followed by five years of supervised probation for second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder after cooperating with prosecutors.

    The man charged with killing a Bowie teenager in what prosecutors said was a misguided, murder-for-hire scheme in 2005 was acquitted of every count against him Thursday, authorities said.

    Jarvis Tyler, 26, had been charged with first-degree murder and other related counts in the June 2005 slaying of 17-year-old Stacey Seaton, who was pregnant and 18 days away from her 18th birthday....

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