8:11am —Matt Flores drove a rented Chevrolet Corsica into the parking lot of his new Applied Materials job the morning of March 24, 1994.

The 26-year-old engineer and Rhode Island native had been hired by the Santa Clara company just weeks before, fresh out of the Army and ready to start a new life in Silicon Valley with his wife, Denise, and his infant daughter, Danielle.

8:15am — Flores was dead, shot execution-style, a point-blank bullet to the head...

Twenty-two years later the murder remains unsolved, despite a $100,000 reward offered right after Flores’ death and again in 2011. On Monday, authorities announced that Applied Materials has reissued the six-figure incentive.

“The timing is particularly poignant on two counts," said Simitian. "Just a week or so ago, Matt’s 22-year-old daughter graduated from college with academic honors, an accomplished young woman who never knew her Dad. It’s also a poignant time because tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17, would have been Matt’s 49th birthday, a birthday family and friends continue to remember but are unable to celebrate”...

The best clue police ever came up with was the 1990s Ford Explorer seen on security video entering and leaving the parking lot around when Flores was murdered.
Here's a theory: