A crew from “Crime Watch Daily,” a nationally syndicated program, was in Ottawa on Sunday and Monday recording interviews with an Ottawa detective, state’s attorney, former coroner, the victim’s sister and a Times reporter about the 10-year-old death of 32-year-old Tracy Lynn Cusick.

Cusick was found drowned in her home’s toilet on Jan. 16, 2006. Her husband, Kenneth Cusick, an Ottawa firefighter, discovered her body.
There was an inquest held in 2011:

More than five years after an Ottawa, Ill., woman in a troubled marriage was found by her firefighter husband drowned in a toilet, her death has been ruled a homicide due in part to evidence provided by the wedding ring she was buried with...

The pathologist who did a second autopsy found that Cusick's injuries — including an abrasion to the bottom of her chin, crushing injuries to the cartilage of her throat and an abrasion on her forehead that matched the contours of her gold diamond wedding ring — indicated foul play...

On the night before she died, Tracy called Gibbons about 10 p.m., upset after fighting with her husband, Gibbons said. Tracy said she'd had a couple of Bloody Marys and was going to go to bed.

"She was sad; she was upset," Gibbons said. "She said, 'My heart hurts.'"