A hulking alleged pedophile busted for pursuing underage boys up and down the East Coast was hit with new charges Friday for calling his victims from Rikers Island and pressuring them not to testify against him.
Police charged Pedro Torres, 35, with 18 counts of first-degree criminal contempt after the 250-pound unemployed auto mechanic from the East Village spent his time behind bars phoning up boys he'd allegedly assaulted, cops said.

Torres, who combed chat rooms day and night in search of underage victims, made the calls between January and July while stewing in jail on sex-assault charges, they said.

The calls were to a host of teen victims he pursued during his years as the most persistent pedophile in memory a reign in which he did virtually nothing but stalk boys as young as 9 in the city as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts and Georgia, cops said.

Cops aren't sure how long he trolled cyberspace in pursuit of boys but believe there may be other victims who have not come forward.

They'd discovered that he logged 862 chats with potential victims and likely hooked up with at least a dozen kids often driving to meet them in their home states and coercing them into having sex.

Torres, who lived on public assistance, used his 1991 blue Lincoln Town Car to hit the road in pursuit of illicit encounters, traveling out of state on several occasions, police said.