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    Mysterious photo hope for Canadian Syrians looking for missing child.

    Mira Akram Al Jawabrah is shown in a family handout photo. Canadian relatives of a missing, five-year-old Syrian girl are appealing for help after a mysterious photograph (shown) surfaced on the Internet, suggesting she may have been the only member of her family to survive a bid to escape the war-ravaged country.THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Mohamed Masalmeh MANDATORY CREDIT -

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    Mohamed Masalmeh, a cousin of the dark-haired girl, says he’s sure the photo shows Mira Akram Al Jawabrah after she was rescued from a boat that overturned off the coast of Italy in August 2014, when the girl was three years old.

    Masalmeh says relatives were initially told Mira, her parents and three younger siblings had drowned as they were making their way from Libya to Italy at that time.

    But Masalmeh says relatives later spotted the girl’s picture among a series of photos on a Syrian news website showing survivors from the capsizing.

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    I dunno. Something doesn't really seem right.

    How is this claimed Syrian family supposed to have travelled from Daraa (right in the south of Syria) to Libya? They would have to cross Jordan, the Red Sea (avoiding Israel), Egypt and virtually the whole of war-torn Libya to reach the part of the coast from which the migrant boats set out. Did they really do it overland, or did they fly?

    She was found on the Italian shore in August 2014, which means her family would probably have left Syria many months before that, assuming they travelled overland. If they really were/are Syrian, they presumably crossed the border into Jordan expecting to stay there in a refugee camp until the civil war ended, but as it dragged on decided to try their luck elsewhere. Fine, but why would a family which had escaped one civil war (Syria) travel the width of another one (Libya)?

    She's a very pretty kid, prime for trafficking and now of an age where she probably doesn't remember her family very well, if at all. I do hope they do full DNA comparisons before they hand her over to anyone claiming her.

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    Aunt of missing Syrian girl vows to keep searching
    That hope faltered last Friday, when Noor Al Jawabreh says she spoke to a man in Denmark who told her the girl in the photo was his daughter, not Mira.

    Still, Al Jawabreh says she will keep searching for her niece until more conclusive information surfaces.

    "In my heart, I feel she is alive," she said in Arabic through an interpreter.

    Wracked by guilt over Mira's disappearance, Al Jawabreh said she wants nothing more than to give the girl a new life with her family in Canada.

    "They wouldn't even identify that the girl was there," Mohamed Masalmeh said last week.

    "They wouldn't admit that the girl was still alive, even though we saw her picture there. They didn't want to release any information ... I don't know if it's just bureaucracy or they just don't know where she is. There must be a way to track her down."

    Last week, an Italian television show dedicated to missing people issued an appeal for information on Mira's whereabouts.

    The show, Chi L'Ha Visto, reported the photo was taken by Syracuse police in Augusta, on the eastern coast of Sicily. It also found the girl in the photo was registered with authorities under the name Maria, not Mira, and was marked as being of Palestinian origin.

    With official inquiries hitting a dead end, Al Jawabreh said help from strangers may be the family's only chance at a reunion.

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    I pray that Noor Al Jawabreh's search will find her answers - especially bring her niece home!

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    Syrian refugee who searched for niece after boat disaster now believes she's dead

    Now Noor Al Jawabreh accepts the photo is not Mira, but rather a Palestinian girl, Marya Mokdad, who was on the same boat when it capsized.
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    I don't think this girl is the same girl as picture in post 1

    They just don't look the same to me. Maybe they are or maybe that photo in this post is not supposed to be her but that is way I took it.

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