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    MI - Kamal Hussein, 20, dies when kids roll tire onto I-75, 16 Oct 2005


    Police: Motorcyclist Killed By Rolling Tire
    Children Sought For Causing Incident

    Police are searching for a group of children who they say rolled a tire onto Interstate 75, killing a motorcyclist Sunday night.

    The children were seen rolling a tire down an embankment at I-75 and Six Mile Road, Local 4 reported. A motorcyclist, Kamal Hussein, 20, of Farmington Hills, who was traveling with several others, hit the tire and lost control, according to the report.

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    That's horrible. It's almost like what happened near me a couple years ago...this kid was throwing huge chunks of ice off a bridge onto a highway after a snowstorm and one hit a minivan. The windsheild broke and the lady who was sitting in the passenger seat was killed. Her husband and three kids that were in the car also were fine...but these kids have to grow up without a mother because some 16 year old didn't have anything better to do that day.

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    My brother almost bit it when someone pushed a shopping cart off an overpass onto the freeway right in front of him -- he swerved, partially underneath a semi, but was able to avoid it. Good grief.

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    The name Hussein always gives me the chills.............

    Reminds me of the case around here where a large rock was thrown from an overpass and killed a sweet kind elderly bus driver. The police have since found the perp after 4 years HOWEVER, THE PROSECUTORS threw the case out for insufficient evidence.

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