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    TX - Barre Monigold, 23, Tyler, 17 June 1979


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    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
    Missing Since: June 17, 1979 from Tyler, Texas
    Classification: Missing
    Date of Birth: September 11, 1955
    Age: 23 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'7 - 5'11, 150 - 190 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, blue eyes. Monigold may go by his middle name, Kallan. He has a thin mustache. Monigold may wear silver wire-rimmed eyeglasses.
    Clothing/Jewelry Description: A red plaid shirt with blue and tan squares, brown slip-on shoes, a St. Christopher necklace and a silver watch.

    Details of Disappearance
    Monigold was last seen in the 3900 block of Old Bullard Road in Tyler, Texas on June 17, 1979. He went outside at 1:00 a.m. to turn the dome light off in his blue 1978 Monte Carlo. He has never been heard from again. Few details are available in his case.

    East Texas Investigators Encouraged By Discovery Of Missing Missouri Boys - January 2007

    "We get a lot of contacts and calls from people that are looking on these databases," said Walsworth. "People calling in from seeing her picture on the website, seeing it on a flyer that we put out." Tyler police also continue to investigate the disappearance of a Tyler man in 1979, 19-year-old Kallan Monigold.

    "We have recently worked on his case," said Walsworth. "We actually talked to suspects in jail that we know were around during the time frame and try to get information from them."

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    The thing I find strangest about this case is the application for probate (implying a declaration of death had already been made) as early as 1981 (see http://www.usdocket.com/377195/estat...se-detail.html). Surely it is unusual for such a finding only two years after a disappearance unless there is evidence to support the finding of death?

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    When I first read about this case, I thought it was strange. He was last seen leaving an apartment to turn off his car light and then was never seen again. Surely they must know more than that and even a little bit more could be made public. On the blog I linked earlier, someone wrote that this case was covered in a book written years ago. Its called Smith County Justice and it was written by David Ellsworth. You can find it on-line if interested, Barre's case begins on page 207.

    On the night in question, Barre was asleep with his girlfriend in the living room of his friend's apartment. His friend returned home at 1:15 am and noticed the dome light was on in Barre's car. He wakes Barre up to inform him about the light so Barre goes to the window to see for himself. The car is about 30-40 feet from the window. After confirming this, Barre walks outside to turn the light off and is never seen again. The friend had returned home with his date so three people are in the apartment. The friend is mixing drinks in the kitchen and hears no unusual noises. He also had a good view of the parking lot so presumably he would have heard something. After about five minutes, he stepped out on the balcony calling for Barre but got no response.

    The car was still in the parking lot and the driver's side was unlocked. There was no evidence of a struggle or violence. All of his clothing, personal belongings and money were left behind. Some individuals claimed to have witnessed Barre being forced into another vehicle although these claims were never proven. A big theory was that Barre was killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend. The girl he was dating had just ended a relationship that was described as volatile. A different man later confessed to the murder although it turned out to be false. While conducting interviews for the book, Ellsworth couldn't get one consistent theory on what happened that night.

    However one night, an anonymous caller gave him a number that could be used to reach Barre. The number was listed for Jamaica. Of course Barre never answered himself but Ellsworth still traveled there to follow up on the tip. The details of his journey are interesting but he never confirms that Barre was or had ever been there. There are reasons to suspect that Barre could have fled town but without any money, its difficult to believe that. The most likely scenario is that he was murdered that same night, imo.

    One aspect that I keep thinking about is the light in the car. Did Barre legitimately forget to turn it off and someone just happened to be waiting for him? Did the person go into the car and turn the light on as a way to lure him out? Was it a random ambush? Hoping this case can be solved one day.
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