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    AL - Parents raising awareness about electrical shock drowning

    Parents raising awareness about electrical shock drowning

    One month ago Carmen Johnson, 15, died while swimming with friends in Smith Lake in Winston County. Her parents, Casey and Jimmy, say her death was caused by electrical shock drowning.
    The parents said April 16 started out like any other day. Carmen and her friends had been out on the lake riding jet skis. They had come back to the boat dock and were laying out in the sun.
    Jimmy was working on the dock when he heard Carmen jump into the water. He heard her laughing and trying to convince her friends to jump in as well.


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    Thank you for sharing this information. It is good to know and I am passing it along.

    So sorry for the loss of this beautiful teenager.

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    I lost a friend in college, immediately after our freshman year, when he was swimming near his family's houseboat on Grand Lake in Oklahoma, and received an electrical shock. Very rare, but often fatal. RIP Carmen and my long ago friend Brian.
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