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    Canadian Lake Monster?

    Does anyone believe this could be true? Sounds kinda like the loch ness monster to me and no one has proven that exist yet either:

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    Anyone live near this lake?
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    Caylee Marie Anthony 2005-2008
    Ethan Stacy 2005-2010

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    Interesting article!
    Thanks for posting it,Daisy.

    I'm unsure about this one...
    I'd be interested to know what the lake was like...
    topography, depth, etc...
    I do, however, believe that there
    are still a few of these "sea serpents"
    remaining in the world... Honestly, lol, I
    do. Sounds crazy, I know.

    Methinks the only reason some people find
    the possibility SO hard to believe is because
    it has been so drilled into our heads that
    these creatures have been extinct for
    *said in a droning voice* millions and millions
    of years. Nevermind that many,MANY other
    things have supposedly been extinct for countless
    millions of years yet have been found alive
    and well....(They then refer to them as
    living fossils. Incidentally, I have some in my yard---seriously,
    I have a few dawn redwood trees planted in my

    Oh, there's a name for the study of these creatures,
    btw: cryptozoology. There are whole websites
    devoted to it... (hehe, I guess there are whole
    websites devoted to most everything though,and,
    yes, there is much in
    regards to "Bigfoot" on the sites. Still, there is a lot
    of interesting and, imo, valid info to be had in
    regards to "sea serpents"... )

    Sorry to get off topic,lol..
    A long answer to your question: Does anyone believe this could be true?

    The short answer? yes,I believe it could be.

    with love,


    edited to add a link:
    just one amongst many~ http://www.internationalsocietyofcryptozoology.org/

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    Length, 12–70 feet. Charcoal-gray color. Dog- or horse-like face. Prominent eyes. Gaping mouth. Neck is like a stovepipe. Several dorsal fins. Fishlike tail.
    I live in Toronto and have been to Lake Simcoe many times, my brother has a houseboat on that lake - never heard or seen a thing

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