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    Brazil- 16 year old gang raped by up to 30 men

    Sorry if this has been posted before- I did a search but couldn't see anything


    Police in Brazil are attempting to identify 30 men who allegedly participated in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl, which was filmed on a cellphone and then distributed on Twitter.

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    Oh, God, this is a mess. I'll try to summarise it, but there's a lot of rumours and every little real information, so this will be the most incomplete recap ever.

    16yo girl went to a party with a couple and a guy. Allegedly, she had sex with the guy.

    Later, she woke up in a strange bedroom surrounded by guys. There is a video of her unconscious while they grope her and show her private parts, which are bleeding. They make fun of her. There's also a picture of a guy next to her unconscious, mocking her and saying they opened a tunnel in her.

    Everything is really confusing right now. The girl has been moved and is under protection. Many people here don't believe her, cause, again allegedly, she has drug problems,has a kid and is known for having orgies.

    A new video was found on the same phone that had been used before where she's seen struggling, trying to get away and being in pain. So we'll see what happens now.

    The whole thing is disgusting, but people's reaction to it manages to be worse.

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    Rio de Janeiro police said Friday they’re asking for charges to be filed against seven people in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl.


    The officer overseeing the investigation, Cristiana Bento, said evidence collected so far shows that three men and a minor took part in the actual gang rape, not 33 people as the victim initially suggested. Bento said she believes the victim’s statement was a “false memory,” perhaps the result of her drugged state during the attack or the trauma suffered.


    Along with four men authorities believe were directly involved in the attack, Bento has asked for charges to be brought against two other people for allegedly helping circulate the videos online.

    She is also seeking charges against a gang leader in the Rio de Janeiro slum where the rape took place for allegedly giving the attack his blessing.

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    Glad some men have been arrested, and thank goodness it wasn't actually 33 men!

    Of course any rape is awful, but at least it wasn't as horrific as first reported (I hope you understand what I mean, it's still awful and horrific for the victim)

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