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    GA - Debbie Lynn Randall, 9, Marietta, 13 January 1972

    Debbie Randall was last seen leaving a laundromat about half a block away from her home. She never arrived and was abducted close to her house; a spilled box of laundry detergent was found outside. Over the next couple of weeks, a massive search effort was done to locate Debbie. On January 29th, a group of Southern Tech students located her body with the same clothes she had on when she disappeared. An autopsy report revealed that she had been criminally assaulted and then strangled.

    Residents reported seeing a dark pick-up truck in the area on the day of Debbie's abduction. It had been around her home and pulled into a parking area beside the road where the detergent was found. Multiple individuals confessed to the murder but they were all ruled out. Virgil Delano Presnell was investigated after he was arrested for the murder of Lori Smith in 1976. It was determined that he was not in the area at the time.

    Despite the passage of time, investigators continue to work the case and hope that they can one day identify Debbie's killer.


    “We now have something that we haven’t had in 40-plus years,” said Cobb County Cold Case Unit investigator Morris Nix, a retired lieutenant with the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office and currently a sergeant with the Kennesaw Police Department.

    “We have a DNA profile. DNA has changed the game,” Nix said. “It is something that we didn’t think we would have, but do because of the diligence of the Marietta Police Department.”

    In February, the Cold Case Unit learned that they were able to get a DNA profile off of items collected and preserved at the scene.

    “I want to emphasize,” Nix said, “that without the cooperation of the Marietta Police Department, Chief (Dan) Flynn and his detectives, and without them trusting us with this case, what we can do with it, none of this would be possible. We have received nothing but cooperation from them. Without that cooperation we wouldn’t be where we are at.”

    The profile was submitted to the Combined DNA Index System, which is a national criminal database, but there wasn’t a match. But, Nix said that now that the profile is in the database, a match could come in whenever a new profile is submitted to CODIS.

    But time is running out for Juanita Randall who is fighting an aggressive form of leukemia. Her dying wish is to know – once and for all – who killed her little freckle-faced girl.

    “I’d give anything if I could find out who it was before I pass away," said Juanita Randall.

    Detectives are hopeful they’ll be able to grant that wish, but they still need that crucial match through DNA to bring closure to the case and the Randall family.

    "Many times you believe you know the answer and you just can’t get there as far as evidence," said Dawes.

    Detectives now have a short list of suspects that they hope to narrow down to just one. In the meantime, Debbie’s family believes someone may have information to help them crack the case.

    “Please tell them, please tell them. It’s been too long, you know," said Melvin Randall.

    Until then, the family clings to memories and a box full of Debbie’s doll clothes and small toys; a few precious photographs.
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