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    TX - Terri 'Missy' Bevers,45, murdered in church/person in SWAT gear,18 Apr 2016 #26

    "A fitness trainer and mother of three was murdered in a Dallas-area church Monday morning by a man wearing SWAT gear, police said."

    "Boot camp-style exercise class participants who showed up at the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Tex., around 5 a.m. found their instructor Terri “Missy” Bevers, 45, dead, according to the Midlothian Police Department."

    "Fitness trainer Terri (Missy) Bevers, 45, was killed early Monday just before her boot-camp style class, police said. Participants in the Camp Gladiator class found her dead when they arrived to a Midlothian, Tex., church for the workout."

    "Police Chief Carl Smith said a man wearing what looked like a tactical helmet, gloves and a heavy vest with "POLICE" written on it could be seen in security camera footage from the E. U.S. Highway 287 church just before Bevers arrived. The department released the 4 a.m. footage Monday afternoon, though Smith said no cameras captured the attack."


    LE Update/Presser on April 22, 2016

    Link to Midlothian Police Department facebook page
    Images (still and video) from the church featuring the perp can be seen here.

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    Everyone, please read this post before you post anything else

    Quote Originally Posted by tricia View Post
    Dear Websleuths members,

    Again we find ourselves trying to moderate based on rules set up for other cases.

    Once in a while, our rules do not fit with certain cases and therefore changes need to be made.

    We will try and make this as easy as possible.

    If you have a question send me a private message, please. Do not post the question on the forum.

    For our new members: Welcome to websleuths!

    Websleuths is different than any other forum on the internet. If you are used to forums like topix then you are going to find out quickly websleuths is not topix. We don’t allow rumors. We don’t allow comments from facebook or comments from other forums. We work hard to make sure everyone stays on topic. We allow and encourage appropriate sleuthing. Most of all we want you to become involved and enjoy your experience at websleuths. You can review our rules right here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/for...?159-the-rules

    *Please no personal chatter back and forth. Welcoming someone back or making jokes at other member’s expense is not going to be allowed. The case is about Missy Bevers. Please do not make the thread about you.

    * YOU CAN SPECULATE ABOUT PEOPLE IN THE SEARCH WARRANTS AS LONG AS YOU USE THEIR INITIALS ONLY. This overrides an earlier decision I made. My apologies for the confusion. It is 100 percent my fault.

    *if you do speculate please do not make comments on their personal appearance. That’s just rude. You can speculate on their behavior but if you want to post something unkind about their looks please don’t.

    *Speculation is allowed if it involves someone who has been named in the mainstream media and you can logically put this person at the scene of the crime or can suggest they were somehow involved. Speculation has to be based on some semblance of fact. In other words, you can’t speculate that the dry cleaning people killed Missy. The police have confirmed they believe Missy was targeted. That’s a good place to start.

    *Speculation does not mean you can sleuth any of these people. Their lives have been turned upside down and the last thing they want to see is something personal and embarrassing posted on websleuths for the world to see. No sleuthing aka no digging into their backgrounds and posting what you find.

    * Here is a hypothetical for you: Say you were face to face with the person you are getting ready to post about. This person also knows your real name. Would you say what you are getting ready to post to this person’s face? Please think before you post.

    *We have an unfair advantage. We are anonymous. Your words are very powerful and they will be on the internet forever. You will own those words when the truth is found out about Missy's murder.

    To review:

    *yes you can speculate as long as it is logical and done in a mature manner.

    *Missy's husband's Facebook page is now private therefore it is off limits. All Facebook pages that are now private are off limits

    *yes you can discuss all pictures/ videos (No Minors) as long as you can source them to a legitimate source . Do not post or discuss the twitter picture that showed the face blown up. This looks like some sort of photo-shopped picture and it can’t be sourced.

    i am completely responsible for any confusion that has gone on in this thread. Sparky is doing a great job and she was doing what i taught her to do. I want to publicly thank sparky for her hard work and dedication.

    Ok newbies and old time Websleuths members, go forth and discuss!

    Tricia Griffith
    ps. Please forgive spelling and grammatical errors. I am half asleep as i write.
    Search Warrants

    dry cleaner warrant - redacted
    LinkedIn warrant 5-5-16
    AT&T Tower warrant 5-5-16
    Search warrant
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    Good Afternoon!

    Please read Tricia's message above. Some rules have changed for Missy's thread. Please make sure you thank her post.

    Please Remember BB's employment is off limits.

    No Minor Children.

    Please don't sleuth inmates or refer to the inmates link unless there has been an arrest in this case.

    FB and Twitter accounts that are unauthorized aren't allowed and are against TOS.

    If you have any questions please pm a mod and we'll be glad to help. Please don't post your question in the thread, as it may get missed.

    Remember to Scroll and roll or use your ignore feature if need be.

    Please thank this post.

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    I hope this is lucky thread #26 where we get more answers for what happened to MB at the church. Who did this to her and why??
    Continue to believe it's a female SP. MSM said they have more detailed information on SP but LE only released and shared the update on the height.

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    Originally Posted by Inthedetails
    Yes: "He said he tossed it in the creek to thwart the FBI probe and destroy the evidence."

    Not related to Missy. Grrrrr.....I so want to see some movement on the case!


    Agreed probably related to this and not MB. Wonder why they would be looking for a prepaid cell submerged for 2 years, though. IF they find the needle in the haystack, a cell phone, what will they get from it? Just curious...

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    I just noticed on Twitter that there was finally news on the bloody shirt. So GLAD that has finally been put to rest.

    Hopefully the pitchforks against RB can be put away for the time being.
    "What is more frightening than any particular policy or ideology is the widespread habit of disregarding facts.”
    --Thomas Sowell

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    Ok, just to update most recent news:

    -Blood on RB shirt is DOG BLOOD.

    -Turtle Creek search is about a tossed phone in another completely unrelated case. NOTHING TO DO WITH MB.


    We all want to find Missy's killer!
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    Human blood wasn’t on shirt taken to cleaners by Missy Bevers’ father-in-law, police say

    Test results returned Monday from the UNT Health Science Center Laboratory definitively state a “test for the presence of human (primate) blood was negative,” police said.

    “Much conjecture has surrounded this shirt and the family member who dropped it off,” police said in a statement. “We hope the release of this information will serve to resolve the questions that have arisen."

    I hope that this concludes this part of the investigation.

    I'm sure that some will wonder why this test wasn't done sooner. I didn't have any reason to question why it took the time it did. Sometimes testing will take awhile before there done. After that, LE may withhold the test results because it's an ongoing investigation. JMO


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    (post was from al66pine)

    I'm not sure if this post from the end of the last thread will show up here with my copy/paste link, but to answer the question, I think that it is this door (which seems to be identified by others as the outer kitchen door):
    Creekside Church door.png

    I think that the wheel is from that trash cart (or laundry cart, or whatever it is). Apparently, the area is a small sort of an ante-room leading to the actual kitchen.
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    Hi everybody! i haven't commented until now! Just been reading and taking it all in.....so I'm new to this case. To me.....this case seems to be about getting missy out of the way!

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    Crime scene analysis for dummies. What we know...

    By knowing where Missy was when she encountered SP, analysts can look at her injuries and determine all sorts of facts. It's curious that Missy was near the same height as the perp, but had head injuries. So a baseball bat swing with the hammer? Just wondering about that. A bit morbid.

    The quick clean up of the church leads me to believe the perp left from the nearest door or there would be blood trace to secure. And gee, wouldn't the dogs have traced that scent? Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancee Drue View Post
    26 threads is a lot of conversation and sleuthing.....
    and still nada...depressing

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    Just wondering how many cell phone calls could have been made that early in the morning out of Midlothian or into Midlothian? Hope LE is looking at all calls pinging within Texas that originated in Midlothian. Maybe 2 to 4 hours outside of Midlothian. Say from 2:00am to 2pm. In the general direction east to southeast. I also wonder can a cell phone tower record show if your phone is in air plane mode?

    Did is anyone notice that inside Altima it looks like a cell phone on in a carrier or a GPS?

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    Just wondering, was the SP costume difficult to move in? Would it have been stiff, or tight, and/or confining? There were several items he/she was wearing. If the costume was confining would it be difficult to attack another person, or run away?

    Some people think there might have been two people at the church, that morning. Maybe..the SP dressed in the police costume was just walking around and showing off, for the camera, while an accomplice committed the murder.

    I am just wondering of course, and this idea/thought is not factual....it's my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razz View Post
    I have been a loyal contributer since Thread 1. But now that there are so many threads, I want to stay in touch but I don't want to needlessly write something just to keep me in it. But if you're saying I can just click at the top of the brand new thread without having to bookmark or write anything, that would make things much easier. But I really wish this particular thread would slow down or somehow become more streamlined. I keep reading the same theories over and over again. There's not a lot I can contribute to because I already have in earlier threads. There are a few new ideas and those I like to read but most are the same.
    And I'm incredibly frustrated because I don't see a lot going forward anymore.

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    I totally agree but I have a bad case of FOMO with this case which keeps me coming back for more even though it's the same thing over and over. I guess as time goes on if nothing happens the threads will naturally slow down.

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    Good morning sleuthers! I've been thinking about the Swatperp's clothing. If they ordered it specifically for this crime, it would be relatively easy to find out if anyone connected to Missy had ordered any of the clothing items worn by the perp if done via mail. But the perp was so careful, which leads me to believe they had access to these items already. Someone who was being super careful would not leave a trail. Was it a Halloween costume that was previously used by perp or member of perp family?? Are they current or former LE? Does anyone know if the perp vest is an actual official POLICE vest? Or is it an item used for a costume?

    When it comes to dumping the perp clothing, I would think perp would be as careful as they were when covering themselves for the crime. The perp clothing has both Missy's and perp DNA and would obviously link the perp to the crime. Where would a super careful and stealthy perp dispose of the evidence that would put him/her on death row if found?

    My first thought would be a dumpster in a location not near the crime scene or the perp's home. Perhaps a dumpster in the perp's job? They would know the schedule and could dump the evidence right before the dumpster was picked up.
    My second thought is that perp would keep the outfit for a long time until the heat was off. If perp was super careful with everything else, he would not leave anyone finding evidence that ties them to the crime anywhere to be found.
    Does perp still have the outfit? Or did perp lay out plastic sheeting in the car they used, pull over after driving a while, strip down and wrap everything in the sheeting and dump in random dumpster off the beaten path away from the crime? I think perp planned extremely well. So where is the swatperp outfit?

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