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    AR - Jenna Keith, 15, Biscoe, 3 June 2016

    Ark. family worries missing teen left with someone

    Where would a teenager with no car, few friends and a duffle bag full of clothes go in the middle of the night?
    That's the question a Prairie County family is asking themselves after 15 year-old Jenna Keith disappeared Friday night.

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    Ark. family worries missing teen left with someone

    She left a note. “It just said 'Dear mom and dad, I hope you find this note. Sorry about everything. I know where I'm going, so bye for now.'"

    "She's been diagnosed with RADS. She's not a typical 15-year-old. She's very immature. Very easily persuaded."

    Around 11 on Friday night, just a few minutes before Keith found the note, Jenna was in her parents' room, asking for a flashlight. That sort of thing wasn't unusual for Jenna.

    "She came back in, it was around 11 o'clock. She came to the door and she just stood there. I caught her out of the corner of my eye, because she didn't say anything. I asked her what was wrong and she said, 'nothing'. She said, 'I'm going to bed.' I said, 'okay, I love you.' A few minutes later, she was standing at the door again, and I said, 'what is it?' She said, 'nothing, I'm going to bed.' And I said, 'love you too'.

    Aside from the note, Keith says there are three reasons she believes her daughter, Jenna, did not leave alone. The pillows in her bed were organized to look like she was still lying in bed, she only packed dress clothes, when she usually wears jeans and t-shirts, and shortly after midnight, cut her phone off, so the family could not ping her location. Keith says these are all things Jenna would not have been able to come up with on her own.


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    Thanks for posting this Los. This town is very familiar to me and my family.
    Was Jenna active on social media?
    This case is so strange to me.
    I hope Jenna comes home safe soon. Meanwhile I am going to try to contact some friends who still live there and see what they know.

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    Teenager with disorder missing from Prairie County

    Family said she has RADS (reactive attachment disorder), which makes her very easily persuaded and unpredictable. However, they said she has never left home before.
    "She's not in trouble, we want her to come home and know she's safe and we love her and we just want to know shes okay," Bianca Baxter, Jenna's sister, said.
    Link: http://katv.com/news/local/teenager-...prairie-county

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    Article from American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry about RADS, which it has been stated Jenna has been diagnosed with.
    Link: http://www.aacap.org/App_Themes/AACA...t_disorder.pdf

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    I had no idea what RAD was, so I have been researching. The info I am finding is scaring me for Jenna for many reasons, from many perspectives.
    Pointing out a few things that stood out to me; more at link: http://instituteforattachment.ong/le...mon-questions/
    Reactive attachment disorder falls under many names and categories. In children, these names include:

    • Reactive attachment disorder or RAD
    • Attachment disorder
    • Oppositional defiant disorder
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Childhood trauma
    • PDD
    • Pervasive development delay

    In adults, these names include:

    • Borderline personality
    • Histrionic personality
    • Antisocial personality
    • Narcissistic personality
    • Dependent personality
    • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    We are not typically born with reactive attachment disorder. Reactive attachment disorder occurs when a child misses the chance to bond with an adult. Sometimes, that happens before birth due to maternal drug or alcohol use. Other times, babies miss the chance to bond with their mothers due to illness on behalf of mother or baby. More often, reactive attachment disorder begins after birth and within the first three years of life.
    Here are some situations that break a person’s ability to attach:

    • Abuse
    • Neglect
    • Abandonment
    • Multiple changes in caregivers
    • Foster care
    • Adoption
    • Painful illness
    • Exposure to alcohol/drugs in utero
    • Maternal depression
    • Inconsistent daycare
    • Loss of a parent due to death or divorce
    • Emotionally distant parents
    People with attachment issues desire love and acceptance. They just don’t have the cognitive tools to reach that attachment with others. Here at IACD, we’ve learned that past experiences actually change our brain patterns. Simply put, their brains sabotage the very thing people with attachment issues want and need the most—love and acceptance.
    Symptoms of attachment disorder in a child:

    • Does not trust adults in authority
    • Extreme need for control
    • Manipulative and hostile
    • No empathy, remorse, conscience, or compassion for others
    • No ability to receive or give genuine affection or love
    • Resists guidance and nurturing
    • Lacks cause and effect thinking
    • Provokes anger in others
    • Lies, steals, and cheats
    • Destructive and cruel
    • Argues excessively
    • Impulsive
    • Superficially charming
    this is all just general information; I do not know that any of it pertains to Jenna's specific RAD diagnosis, just thought I would share what I found in case other WS members, like myself, are not familiar with RAD.

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    Another very informative (IMO) article on RAD:
    As with many conditions, attachment issues fall on a broad continuum from mild to severe, depending on the child’s particular situation, personality and other factors. Children with attachment issues may struggle to connect with others, manage their own emotions or develop a strong sense of self-worth. In severe cases, children can develop reactive attachment disorder, which is characterized by an aversion to physical affection, defiance, intense displays of anger, an underdeveloped conscience and developmental delays.
    Symptoms of Attachment Disorder

    Attachment disorder can resemble other emotional or behavioral issues such as conduct disorder, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), so a thorough psychiatric evaluation is required for accurate diagnosis. Children and teens with reactive attachment disorder meet the following criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders:

    • Disturbed and developmentally inappropriate social relationships beginning before age 5, not due to developmental delay (mental retardation)
    • Failure to respond to or initiate social interactions, or being inappropriately friendly and familiar with strangers
    • Failure of early caregivers to meet the baby’s or child’s emotional needs for comfort and affection, failure of early caregivers to attend to the child’s physical needs, or repeated changes in the child’s primary caregiver

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    Candlelit vigil to be held tomorrow (6/9/16) @ 7:00pm.
    Tomorrow (6/9/16) is Jenna's 16th birthday. Hoping for a birthday miracle that Jenna is safely reunited with her family for her birthday.


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