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    CA - Stephen Williams, 66, tortured, killed, San Francisco, 22 May 2016 *Arrests*


    Two men, along with numerous other unknown assailants, tortured a 66-year-old homeless man over a three-day period, eventually killing him and dumping his body in a Golden Gate Park pond two weeks ago, officials said Tuesday.

    The brutal assault began on May 22, when a group of people, including Nikki Lee Williams — who goes by the nickname “Evil” — pulled the homeless man into the park’s Alvord Lake, where he was repeatedly struck and dunked into the water...

    The next day, three blocks away on a street in the Haight, Stephen Billingsley, also known as “Pizza Steve,” and others stomped on and struck the victim, rendering him seriously injured and unconscious, according to records. On day three, the pair and others beat the victim unconscious once more, and Billingsley dragged his body into Alvord Lake, court records said.

    On May 24, a gardener found 66-year-old Steven Williams floating face down in Alvord Lake, near Stanyan and Haight streets...

    While the motivation for the crime remains unknown, it’s speculated the pair conspired against the victim because he may have been exposing himself inside the park.

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    While the motivation for the crime remains unknown, it’s speculated the pair conspired against the victim because he may have been exposing himself inside the park.
    Mr Williams was a guy in his 60's that was homeless. So if he did anything, it was likely just taking a leak in the park. He didn't have many other options. The "masturbating in front of children" part came from his killers that also happened to kill him over an extended period of time.

    Would, or should, anyone in their right mind believe any sort of accusation from a female older than 35 that goes by "Evil" or her 20-y/o homeless friend with "Pizza" in his name? Seriously?

    I don't generally believe in (forcefully) institutionalizing people with mental illness/retardation. Most people with mental illnesses could be described as sad, nervous or confused. But they aren't really a danger to anyone else...

    ...and then there are people like the ones we have at hand. They should have been force-fed meds long before this fellow lost his life due to their actions. Even if he really was "doing his thing" with children around, he didn't deserve being gradually killed over a couple day's time.

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    Robert Tannehill, 36, pleaded guilty earlier this month to one count of false imprisonment of an elder in connection with an attack on 66-year-old Stephen Williams, in return for a two-year prison sentence...

    Tannehill was present only during one early incident, and had checked into a drug treatment program by the time of later attacks that led to Williams’ death...

    Tannehill, who has been in custody since shortly after Williams’ death, was expected to be released Monday, with the balance of his sentence to be served under mandatory supervision in a drug treatment program.

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