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    Drunk worker awarded $10K compensation

    A SACKED insurance broker who repeatedly came to work drunk - and even urinated in a wastepaper bin - has been awarded $10,000 compensation after claiming discrimination against his attention deficit disorder.

    Workplace experts warn the Federal Magistrates Court's decision in favour of Jirra Collings Ware could open the floodgates for countless employees to claim ADD or depression in termination cases when the Federal Government removes unfair dismissal provisions. Mr Ware worked in various roles for OAMPS Insurance Brokers.

    He admitted in court he had frequently returned late from long lunches - particularly on Fridays - when he consumed alcohol and had been warned not to come back to work inebriated.

    He also admitted he had alcohol problems and was a binge drinker.

    Mr Ware even negotiated a deal with his boss whereby he would not return to work on Fridays after lunch and would make up the time on weekends.

    Mr Ware's branch manager at the time, Donald William Crocker, told the court that on one occasion in October 2002, he stayed at a pub all afternoon before returning to the office drunk and urinating in a wastepaper bin.


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    Now that is so ridiculous! He gets drunk, gets fired, and gets damages awarded to him for his behavior?