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    NM - Cynthia Villages, 34, & 4 daughters, murdered, Roswell, 11 June 2016 *Arrest*


    Juan David Villegas-Hernandez is on the run, according to LE.
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    So sad that these familial homicides are now commonplace. I remember a short while ago when they were extremely rare......now they seem to be a daily occurrence.

    I hope this man is caught quickly.

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    I don't think I'll ever understand these types of killings. Why don't these crazy ppl just take themselves out and leave family out of it?

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    my husband says murder-suicides and familicides have been going on at the same rate forever but that we are just now able to hear about them due to so much SM and news dissemination. I don't agree with him. I, too, thought they were more rare than we'd think these days.

    and this is very sad.
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    Authorities in New Mexico began the extradition process Monday for a man they say fled to Mexico after killing his wife and four daughters.

    Roswell police confirmed that Juan Villegas-Hernandez was arrested in or near Arizpe, a city south of Nogales, Mexico, on Sunday — a day after they say he shot five family members before fleeing in a red pickup.

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    Thank Goodness they got that POS. Now lock him up and throw away the key....
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