JersyGirl, Florida, Eagle, Teedie2, Anyone, What Happened? Were any changes made yesterday? I see something about the Contact address.

Yesterday I couldn't even get online, as our h.s. cable internet needed a new modem, my hubby just finished installing. But the notifications were already accumulating. I don't think the new modem is what did it.

I'm most anxious to know if all of us got our notifications back, I'd thought might happen at the end of October when DST ends.

Hope Teedie2, who wasn't having our problem but is a good tech advisor, is back from wrist surgery and doing okay, and I've recently had two laser eye surgeries to seal off leaking diabetic blood vessels, may have more fine-tuning done about the week of Nov 11. One eye is a bit too far gone to completely repair but she said it will get somewhat better. I'm so grateful that I can still do this. Hope everyone had a great summer.