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    UK - Noah Serra-Morrison, 13 mos, dies with 15 broken bones, Luton, 20 Nov 2015

    Mother and partner killed 'attention-seeking' toddler, court hears


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    Oh my god, that poor baby.
    JMO. MOO.

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    in addition to the fractured skull the baby had suffered 15 fractures of his arms and legs that same night.


    Medical experts said the 13-month-old's injuries were so severe they were similar to those caused by a car crash or fall from a building.


    A post-mortem examination found that as well as the fatal injuries, the toddler suffered fractures to an arm and leg around a week before his death, and similar injuries again to an arm and leg between four and six weeks before he died.

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    Where, oh we here, was his father? His grandparents? An aunt or uncle? Other than the welfare money his killer received for having the precious baby live in the house with her, why didn't she give him up to an adoptive couple? I know from other threads on WS that adoption is not as popular in the UK as it is in the US, but surely some reasonable adults would have loved to have a near newborn! RIP Little One!
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    A lot of young moms here in the UK. Get pregnant to basically get their own flat/house/apartment. Not so much now the housing authorities have found a loophole in the Law.
    And again if yr a young mom having a child gives you access to more cash.
    Which I know these all to be true as I used to have a mom come into me at present school as I was the manager there. She asked as I live on the same area cud she use my name if she had a problem and needed someone to sit with her kids. Sure I said..
    8......... Yes EIGHT children she had.
    So yes it does get used against the state for benefits.
    Free health care for even methadone.
    What more does a drunk drugged up person need?
    Oh and she's never worked a day in her life she was 37 then at the time.

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    A mum accused of murdering her baby with her lover had a picture on her phone of the child with a cannabis joint behind his ear, a jury has heard...

    Jane Bickerstaff QC, prosecuting, told the jury Noah died as a result of being deliberately and violently swung against a wall or floor by his limbs with "severe force"...

    The jury was told that neighbours of the couple frequently heard them arguing, with walls banging and shaking, and the baby crying.

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    Hardeep Hunjan, 27, was convicted of murder on Thursday following the death of 13-month-old Noah Serra-Morrison, who suffered 15 fractures to his body, including a 6in wound across his skull.

    Noah's mother, 22-year-old Ronnie Tayler-Morrison, was cleared of murder but, along with Hunjan, found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child and of cruelty to a child under 16.

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